send mail using telnet from script

If you have no other option but to use telnet with authentication to send mail 🙂

 ( echo "ehlo"
sleep 1
auth login
sleep 1
$(echo username |base64)
sleep 1
$(echo password |base64)
sleep 1
mail from: from-address
sleep 1
rcpt to: recepient
sleep 1
sleep 1
subject: test 
test mail

exit ) |telnet server port

Fedora Linux – Display information about users currently logged on – whowatch

Here is description of program/utility to display the currently logged in user in a Linux box (tried on Fedora 13 Goddard):

Whowatch is an interactive console utility that displays informations about the users currently logged on to the machine, in real time. Besides standard information (login, tty, host, user\’s process) you can see type of login (ie. ssh, telnet). You can also see selected user\’s processes tree or all system processes tree.  In the process tree mode there is ability to send INT or KILL signal to selected process.

First the installation:

<a class="\&quot;zem_slink\&quot;" title="\&quot;Sudo\&quot;" rel="\&quot;homepage\&quot;" href="">sudo</a> yum install whowatch

Here are the screenshot\’s if you are interested:


Press enter to see the process\’s running for that user:


Press \”t\” to view the init tree and try other commands listed in the menu below 🙂


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PuTTY alternatives –

I like PuTTY quite a bit but do not like the fact that it does not have any tab feature. So, if I am working on multiple machines then un-necessarily I will have too many windows open cluttering my desktop. So, here is the result of my quest to find the alternative: