PID File for squid in Fedora – 21 (

So, the other day, I wanted to have squid store its pid in the regular ‘var/run’ directory. Good simple enough – just add the following to “/etc/squid/squid.conf” :

pid_filename /var/run/squid/

and create the /var/run/squid directory. Simple, hold on not so fast. Reboot and psssst.. ‘/var/run/squid’ is gone. Finally found that /var/run is handled by systemd-tmpfiles and thus you need to do this as well:

cat <>/lib/tmpfiles.d/squid.conf
d /run/squid 700 squid squid

So, basically you need to tell tmpfiles to create the squid directory as well.. How complicated things are becoming 🙂

IRC on Linux de-mystified for new users only

IRC on Linux de-mystified for new users only

The other day, I was trying to fix something in my firefox and found that the way to go was to login to IRC and go to the mozilla server and join #firefox.

Though IRC is quite native to Linux, I did not know where to start. So, I noted down the list of steps that need to be done to get you started. (Note this may not be new to most of you).

First install a IRC client like xchat-gnome. To do that

sudo yum install xchat-gnome

Once that is done, just fire up your xchat-gnome. you might have to enter some details for the first time 🙂

If you want to join a server not listed in the list, then you can add the server:

Go to Edit -> Preference -> Network -> Add

and add the server.

Note: If you are running squid and getting an error

for being behind open proxy then you should deny all hosts and allow just your intranet or just your host 🙂