Need Google+ invitaion.. leave a comment here.


I just got mine, if you need a google plus invitation leave your email id in comments 🙂

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Google+ – way to go for experinmenting.

Finally I got a invitations and was able to get into the Google+ today. Having been trying to do this for last couple of days, was quite anxious on how it is and how it fairs against Facebook and twitter.

First, heres a first look of the account:


google+ Screenshot
google+ Screenshot


Most noticable thing, as soon as you login is that all your contacts from google aare directly visible in your account and you can directly put them in any of the circles that you like. Picasaweb photos can be imported.


Will update more shortly, after I have experimented a little more on this.

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powertwitter for firefox- twitter with new look

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Power Twitter is a addon for firefox that gives twitter a new look with a lot of features. Here is the list of features:

Power Twitter adds features to the Twitter Web interface including:

-inline YouTube, Flickr, TwitPic, Google Maps,, and all sorts of playable/viewable media
-link expansion
-link translation to page titles
-search scoped to a specific user
-status history peeking on mouseover
-Facebook status updates
-custom settings
-@mentions of friends on profile pages
-photo uploading
-link shrinking

I personally am a great fan of this addon, hope you too like it.