send mail using telnet from script

If you have no other option but to use telnet with authentication to send mail 🙂

 ( echo "ehlo"
sleep 1
auth login
sleep 1
$(echo username |base64)
sleep 1
$(echo password |base64)
sleep 1
mail from: from-address
sleep 1
rcpt to: recepient
sleep 1
sleep 1
subject: test 
test mail

exit ) |telnet server port

Auto Key press fill forms through simulating key presses |

This script can be used to repeatedly press keys on the keyboard, it was used to fill out 100 odd entries on a web page while testing without having to physically enter the data.

Save the code below some where like /usr/bin/ with what ever file name you like, set the file to be executable with chmod +x /usr/bin/keyrepeat

you can then run the command keyrepeat 100 \”1\” or what ever you chose as the filename of your script.

You will have 5 seconds to focus a window, the program will then simulate a user pressing the keys on the keyboard.

sleep 5 #delay to allow the user to focus a window number=$1 #first parameter, number of times to repeat text=$2 #second parameter, text to repeat will interpret as tab for ((counter=1;counter< =$number;counter+=1)); do #loop required number of times xvkbd -xsendevent -text $text #this sends the text as key presses done