Nifty Things to Do with GIMP

Nifty Things to Do with GIMP Some of us are probably addicted to capturing moments in pictures. I can understand why. It’s one of those things that help us go back to the good old days, so to speak. It’s also something that creates a ‘time machine’ for us because those pictures show us what things looked like, not just remind us of the feeling but give us the atmosphere all over again.

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Using nullglob and dotglob in bash scripts.

Use BASH nullglob To Verify *.c Files Exists or Not In a Directory has a nice explanation on nullglob and dotglob.

Enter the cvs password in scripts without manual intervention, automatically

One of the things I have been looking for sometime to do is enter the password for cvs in my scripts and finally here\’s how to do it.

echo \”password\” |cvs login