RawTherapee — Raw imagr processor for all platforms

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  1. RawTherapee — Raw imagr processor for all platforms
  2. First Destination in Dubai – Creek
  3. Some pictures/photos from Dubai Zoo
  4. Some pictures from Burj Khalifa
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Do watch this series for more information on my adventure with Windows in Dubai and Photography….

For the impatient ones, download the application here.

Recently I was stuck with a Windows only laptop for a months time and I was in Dubai. Went to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo there and as usual took the photos in RAW mode with my D5000 Nikon camera. Alas, now I did not have a decent application to modify the images. On my Fedora system I use UFraw and the hunt began for a decent and somewhat advanced software for windows. Couple of them looked promising like Picasa, FastStone Image viewer but nothing comparable to UFRaw until I remembered anothe one that I used RawTherapee (BTW, UFRaw port for cygwin is there but I was not able to install it on cygwin, the server was not reachable). So, here is the features of this pretty good image editor having the capability to edit RAW images.

Here are the features of the application from their homepage.


High Image Quality

  • Get the most details and least artifacts from your raw photos thanks to modern and traditional demosaicing algorithms: AMaZE, DCB, fast, AHD, EAHD, HPHD & VNG4.
  • Advanced color handling from white balance to HSV (Hue-Saturation-Value) curves and color management.
  • Enhanced exposure and tonality tools: tone and Lab curves, highlights and shadows tools, etc.
  • Multiple denoising methods: luminance, chrominance, impulse (for salt and pepper noise) noise reduction.
  • Several tools to enhance details: unsharp mask, RL deconvolution, contrast by detail levels.


  • Multi-threaded algorithms for high performance (RawTherapee can utilize modern processor featues).
  • Quick thumbnails load lightning fast and are replaced later with live thumbnails
  • Batch processing: convert all the developed images at once without not loading the processor while you work.
  • Basic tools immediately at your hands.
  • Parallel editing of multiple images.
  • An optional secondary display can be used.


  • Wide variety of supported cameras: almost all DSLRs and even some medium format bodies are supported.
  • Advanced control over the algorithms with many fine-tuning parameters.
  • Command line usage besides the normal graphical interface.
  • Various layouts: multiple tabs, single tab with filmstrip, vertical tab with filmstrip.

Freedom for Free

  • RawTherapee is free and open source software, meaning you can use it free of charge, wherever you like on whatever hardware you like, as long as you abide by the copyleft GPLv3 license. Download the source code, modify it, feel free to do what comes to mind. We believe in open software.
  • RT is cross-platform: Linux, Mac, or Windows, be it 32-bit or 64-bit – you pick, we provide.
  • International: it is available in 25 languages!

Hope this will save your day someday like it did mine 🙂


Update :  A very useful and detailed article can be found here : https://www.jenreviews.com/dslr-camera/

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rawtherapee — raw image processor.

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Download RT v3.0 alpha 1:


Rawtherapee is a RAW image processing software. It gives full control over many parameters to enhance the raw picture before finally exporting it to some common image format.

You can also install the version \”3.0\” from the fedora repo using the command:

sudo yum install rawtherapee

Main features :

* Selectable high performance demosaicing algorithms (EAHD and HPHD and VNG-4).
Compare them on this comparison page.
* Using DCRaw 8.82/1.398 for decoding RAW images
* Image post processing in 16 bit / channel mode
o Exposure control in RGB space
+ Auto exposure with adjustable clipping point / Exposure compensation / Shadow and highight compression / Contrast adjustment, curve editor
o White balance adjustment in RGB space
+ With in-camera, automatic and spot white balance options / Temperature/Green tint fine tuning
o Highlight Recovery
o Shadows/Highlights control in RGB space
o Basic Luminance curve tool to modify the luminance channel in CIELab color space
+ Brightness / Contrast adjustment, curve editor
o USM sharpening applied on the CIELab luminance channel
+ Classical USM parameters (Radius, Amount, Threshold) / Option to avoid noise amplification / Sharpening halo control
o Optional RL Deconvolution based sharpening for even better sharpening results
o Color shift control in CIELab color space
+ Allows color shift by shifting the CIELab \”a\” and \”b\” channels
o Color booster applied on the CIELab \”a\” and \”b\” channels
+ Amplifies color channels \”a\” and \”b\” together or separately / Avoids color overamplification in high chrominance areas / Option to avoid clipping caused by too high color boosting
o Luminance denoising algorithm applied on the CIELab luminance channel
+ Edge sensitive method to preserve as much details as possible
o Color denoising tool applied on the CIELab \”a\” and \”b\” channels
+ Classical gaussian blur or edge sensitive bluring of the color channels
o Fast switching between different postprocessing profiles
o Image flipping horizontally or vertically, rotation by 90 degrees clockwise or counter clockwise
o Arbitrary image rotation (straightening tool)
+ with fill function or automatic crop
o Simple lens distortion correction
o Crop tool
o Chromatic Aberration correction tool
o Channel Mixer for Red, Green and Blue channels
o C/A Correction
o Vignetting Correction
* ICC based color management
* Change History with bookmarks to support before/after checking
* Output options:
o Supported file formats:
+ JPEG (8 bit), PNG (8 or 16 bit), TIFF (8 or 16 bit)
o Image ouput size could be set
o EXIF data is preserved in JPEG output (except crw files)
o Output directory and automatic file naming highly customizable
* File browsing with thumbnails
* Localization supported (utf8 language file):
already included languages are: czech, deutsch, english, espanol, italian, latvian, magyar, nederlands, polish, russian, slovak, swedish

Screenshot\’s for you:

\"Rawtherapee\" \"Rawtherapee\" \"Rawtherapee\"

UFRaw – Open open format raw images in Linux.

UFRaw is quite an essential program if you are using Linux and have a camera that supports raw format.

UFRaw is a tool for opening raw format images of digital cameras.

UFRaw supports a long list of camera\’s. You can see the list of supported camera\’s here.

Here are few screenshot\’s:

\"UFRaw\" \"UFRaw\" \"UFRaw\" \"UFRaw\"