command not found – packagekit plugin

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If you run into problems where you run some command and the command is not found and you have to install it and run the program again then why not use the command not found plugin for Packagekit. Here is the description:

A simple helper that offers to install new packages on the command line using PackageKit.URL

You can install this with the command:

sudo yum install PackageKit-command-not-found.i686


amit@localhost> sl
Command not found. Install package \’sl\’ to provide command \’sl\’? [N/y] y

* Running..
* Resolving dependencies..
* Waiting for authentication..
* Resolving dependencies..
* Downloading packages..
* Checking signatures..
* Testing changes..
* Installing packages..
* Scanning applications..


monkeystudio IDE on Fedora 12.. IDE of choice

Monkey IDE is a Free crossplatform Qt 4 IDE

MonkeyStudio is a crossplatform Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) aiming to become a Rapid Application Development ( RAD ) environment. MonkeyStudio runs everywhere Qt 4.4.0 ( minimum required to build it ) is available as a shared library. It is extensible via a great and powerful plugin system which help make it do nearly anything you want and support virtually any kind of project type for which a plugin exists or is created. The primary goal of MonkeyStudio was to manage Qt4 projects as best as possible, it directly uses .pro files and does not create intrusive or unsightly configuration files. MonkyStudio is also a multi language code editor too ( javascript, xml, … ).

Its quite lightweight and easy to use.

Here are few screenshots:

\"MonkeyIDE\" \"MonkeyIDE\" \"MonkeyIDE\" \"MonkeyIDE\"