use finch, less memory and cpu usage, in replacement for pidgin.

Well, if you are on linux then you have options – is a known fact. But how those options help?

I was working on a machine which had very less RAM and was quite old system and it was running F14. Guess what would be the state of the system with pidgin, xmms, firefox, evolution and couple of terminals. Now, this is where if you could save a few cycles of CPU then you can actullay see the difference in sluggish GUI and and an okay sort of GUI. So, first off, kill pidgin and use finch.

sudo yum install finch

For learning the keyboard shortcuts, use the man page. They are quite okay to remember if you remember that the modifier is “alt” key.


Also there is some mouse support also, but why need that if you are working on a terminal. I liked it quite a lot.

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Twiiter from Pidgin on Fedora 11 -Leonidas

If you are twitter fan but find it difficult to follow it on your web-browser then this is for you. Just install the plugin and get going to see the twitter messages in the pidgin window.

sudo yum install purple-microblog

After installation you can add your twitter account like all other accounts and start seeing your messages.


Change pidgin status from the command line

$ purple-remote \"setstatus?status=away&message=AFK\" Thanks for the comment oshazard, i wasn\’t aware of purple-remote existence.


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