Some pictures from Burj Khalifa



$file = ‘/var/chroot/home/content/02/6377202/html/wp/wp-content/uploads/copper_albums/Parks_Dubai/orig_DSC_5287.jpg’;
$exif = exif_read_data(“$file”, 0, true);
$exif = exif_read_data(“$file”, “$key”);
echo “[table border=\”1\”]”;
//foreach ($exif as $key => $section) {
//similar_text($section, ‘EXIF’, $p);
//if ( $p == 0 )
foreach ($exif as $name => $val) {
echo “[tr]”;
echo “<td>$key.$name </td>”;
echo “<td>$val </td>”;
echo “[/tr]”;
echo “[/table]”;

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Photography – Stock photos on bigstock.

Couple of days back, one of my friends suggested that I put my photos on bigstock also along with my site at . I thought, let me give it a try and created a account on bigstock. After creating the account, I have so far submitted 5 images and four of them got rejected.

The rejections did not de-motivate me, in-fact this has taught me a lot of things. Some things that I did not know before I submitted my photos there. So, I am going through a new learning and this has cost me 80% rejection in bigstock. I am trying with few more photos in next few days and probably I will get a better idea of what is required in the photos. Hope to get the tricks of the trade soon. BTW, another way you can help me keep this blog alive is by buying my photos cheap at bigstock and here is the link to my photo :

Butterfly Photo

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Photos of my office in the morning

Here are photos of my office on 20/Nov at 3AM in the morning. This is taken in the moonlight.

Moon in the morning
Moon in the morning
My office in moonlight
My office in moonlight

Sorry, the quality of the photo is not that good as the photo was taken from my mobile Samsung Omnia Pro, did not have my DSLR with me that time.

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