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Can´t get simpler than this. Just install the application called wordpress in your N900, and punch in the details for your blog along with your admin login and password and you have a amazing wordpress client. You can even add photos like the one below:

N900 and its applications keep me amazed and happy 🙂

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N900 and skype support

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I was trying to add my skype account on the N900 today and could not add the account. I did not find any option to add the same. After some googling and searching, I found that I need to re-flash my N900.

I had flashed the India image earlier to check out what it would provide me but to my astonishment there is no skype support in the India image, so if you are planning to have the skype account added to the N900, then you need to flash either the Global Image (with the string “MR0” in the name of the image) or the US image (004) and not the India image (004).

And, btw if you flash your N900, you will not lose any contacts, mail, sms or any other data. What you will lose is the applications that you would have installed.

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Installing Full Blin g theme on N900

I was going through the post :
and found the theme quite intruging but not complete to the point where I can download the deb file and install it in /usr/share/theme/ dir with simple commands “apt-get” or at max just use mkdir command to create the dir and dump everything in that dir. So, I wrote this couple of bash one liners to copy the required files to my N900.

for i in place*; do mv "$i" ${i//place these files in /}; done
for i in Place*; do mv "$i" ${i//Place these files in /}; done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/}; echo $i $j; done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/}; echo $i $j; mkdir Bkup_$i; scp -r root@$j/* Bkup_$i/ ;done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/};scp -r $i/* root@$j/  ;echo "Done with $i"; done
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