Build custom KDE ditro online in minutes with your selection of packages

There\’s a new guy in the block and its called NimbleX. From various sources, I have found that this is quite fast. I am downloading this currently. The main advantage is that the distro is of just 200MB with most of the day to day utilities available in the distro by default.


And if you think that this is just not for you as you like some package and its missing from NimbleX, no problem. Just go here, and create your own live distro withing minutes with custom package\’s that can be used as Live CD or can be installed on the HDD/USB. Now that\’s generations ahead of Windows or any other OS. What do you say?

How a live distro can save you.

Some time back I wrote about how to use a live distro without CD or VM. Today that experiment saved my day.

My RAM went bad couple of days without my knowledge and I kept using the system finally causing the \”/usr\” to be completed unusable.  And that is when I was able to still login to the system, as I still had that Nimble X installed on the HDD without actually installing it. Now I need to re-install the OS but at least for the time being I am able to use my system. 🙂

I am waiting for the Fedora 11 release to happen to re-install the system. Another couple of days. 🙁