Manually remove all the duplicate bookmarks in Firefox

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I was trying to install the duplicate Bookmark remover for the Firefox but for some reasons, was not able to install it. That apart, the point is that I was trying to get a program to do this for me rather than a plugin. So, after some search, finally I found here. This is a ruby script. The script requires ruby gems-json for doing this.

The idea is very simple. Export the bookmarks in json format.

Run the script with ruby on your bookmarks. This will create a new file.

Use the restore feature of the bookmarks to restore the newly created bookmarks file, which ofcourse should not have any duplicates. 🙂

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Install the fastest Mozilla browser on your N900

Firefox 7.0 is the browser that I am currently using on my N900. Its pretty fast compared to its predecessors. Its not even in BETA and all you can get is the nightly build. For me, its okay, as I like playing with my systems and mobile. If that is okay with you read on….

Head over to the firefox nightly build website Firefox Nightly Builds. Go to the links for the mobile version and then select Maemo build and download it.. Copy the tar.bz2 file to your N900 or directly download it from the handset 🙂

Once done ,

tar zvfr <filename>

This will create the directory fennec. Note the complete path, we will need that in sometime. Its no good, if you have a browser and you cannot access it from a menu 🙂

So, we will now add this to the network menu.

Open a terminal on your N900 or ssh to your mobile and follow the below steps:

cd /usr/share/applications/hildon

Now if you have installed Fennec already that copy fennect.desktop to fennec7.desktop:

 cp fennec.desktop fennec7.desktop

and open the file with your favourite editor and change the name of the Exec and the Name. If you dont have that file, copy paste the below into that file. Dont forget to change the Exe to that of the complete path of the fennec executable.


[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Firefox mobile browser




Before you can see another entry for Fennec in the menu, you might have to kill hildon and/or restart your mobile.

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Fast and bleeding edge Firefox.. version 7

Firefox 7.0 nightly builds have started and it seems to be quite fast. So, if you dont care about some sites not opening or once in a while your browser crashing, been using for 2 days on Windows , has not crashed so far and worked on all sites so far :), then you should install the Nightly build.

Head over to the nightly build site and install the appropriate build for your OS.

Firefox Nightly Builds

If you really want your browser to be fast, enable pipelining and display render delay, you can follow the following post to do that:

3 Hacks for Firefox That Will Double Your Internet Browsing Speed –

And to enable the support for your addon’s foll0w the link below:

Check of Firefox 7.0a1 Nightly Build for Disable Addon Compatibility |

With all these now my Firefox process shows only ~130MB memory and decreases to ~12MB when minimized and am really happy with the speed. Also noticeably the CPU used is also quite low compared to Aurora I was using 2 days back 😉

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