autoten- install nvidia, gnome color chooser and many others in one click on Fedora.

There is a application/GUI called autoten from Dangermouse, find here, which will help you install these.

  • designed to help get basics up and running fast
  • dvdplayback plus other codecs needed
  • parental controls
  • flash plugin
  • video card drivers
  • wireless drivers
  • set up sudo
  • java 6u7
  • realplayer
  • googleearth
  • frostwire
  • Limewire
  • lightscribe
  • compiz-fusion
  • skype
  • parental controls
  • plus many others

I tried it to install couple of things and it was a breeze. Here is a screenshot of the application.


gnomecc color scheme – my favourite.

my favourite gtkrc-2 file.

Snapshot of how it looks.


Mod your gnome desktop, change the colors the easy way.

Install the autoten application. You can find the instructions in my earlier post today here.

Gnome color chooser is an application to allow you to change the color of your gnome DE in all aspects. Very easy to use GUI. Just install it and run it as gnome-color-chooser. Here\’s a screenshot of the application.


The beauty of this application is that it allows to use XML files as input so there are lot of possibilities. And one of the most lucarat5ive ones is to download a pack of color schemes from here.  This has 220 theme colors to select from in the form of XML files which can be used directly with Gnome Color Chooser. So enjoy.