Screenshot of Gnome3 with awn

Here is another screenshot of my laptop desktop with Gnome 3 and AWN (Avant window Navigator) running. Looks beautiful, isn’t it?

By the way, with this setup I have the old style menu also just that instead of on the top it is on the bottom just like old RH9 🙂

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Fundraising for Linux Foundation.

All of us have been benefited by Linux in some way or other and this is due to all the work that is being done by so many organizations and people around the world. I would like to spare some time to tell you about my initiative to raise 100$ for Linux Foundation. Please visit my donation page or click donate on the widget in the bottom of the page. The Linux Foundation will highly appreciate it and so would I.

I hope you would like to give back if you can … I am keeping my fingers crossed.

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