Beautiful set of icons.

Here is a link to a very beautiful set of icons for you gnome/kde desktop:

gnome-terminal color schemes.

Colours (Photo credit: CherrySoda!)

I was looking for a way to set the terminal colors for gnome. There is a GUI way to change the same by going to the Preferences->Colors. And then you can change the colors that you see in the color pallete in the bottom of the dialog box.

But I was looking at doing it faster and better, and finally I found this page.

Quite interesting and good.

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Screenshot of Gnome3 with awn

Here is another screenshot of my laptop desktop with Gnome 3 and AWN (Avant window Navigator) running. Looks beautiful, isn’t it?

By the way, with this setup I have the old style menu also just that instead of on the top it is on the bottom just like old RH9 🙂

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