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image viewer tools

These are some of the image viewers that I know, pick your choice 🙂

sudo yum install imageinfo.i686 gtkimageview.i686 imagej.noarch gimmage.i686 gpicview.i386 gthumb.i686 immix.i686 mirage.i686 pony.noarch viewnior.i686 fotoxx.i686


Another interesting viewer for images on Linux – Geeqie.

Here is the description:

Geeqie has been forked from the GQview project with the goal of picking up development and integrating patches. It is an image viewer for browsing through graphics files. Its many features include single click file
viewing, support for external editors, previewing images using thumbnails, and zoom.

First off, this is one image viewer with a lot more features than EOG or any such light weight image viewer. So, my experience was that it was a little slower in loading images (bigger than 5MB) and opening folders with more than 150 images. Here is a brief of the image viewer with screenshots.





One of the things that I was sceptical about is that the meta-data view window is not dock-able and is a separate window, but then it is compensated with the amount of data that is displayed in the meta-data window.

I specially like the pan view and the quad view 🙂

So, I would say that it is worth exploring this Image Viewer to see if this would fit your needs better than others.