need help on deciding the ISP to host my website.

need help on deciding the ISP to host my website.

My hosting services account is expiring next month and I am evaluating to see if I should stick with the current ISP ( or I am quite happy with the current service but miss the shell account service. Since there is no shell account so I cannot do much on the server..

Currently I am looking at :

Host Monster

Please feel free to suggest any other that I might have missed an you feel is pretty good.


change the window in split screen.

I use the split screen in vim very in-frequently, so I did not really know how to move from one screen to the other. There is also very little or no documentation that I found on this on the first page of google, so here it is :
press \”ctrl+w and ctrl + w\” to change to other window.

If you are not sure how to get the split screen, then you can type help split in vim to get the help on split screen.

Most simply said you can do so by \”ctrl+w s\”