– very good collection of utilities for .deb based distro’s

Head over to and you will find a nice utility created by the makeuseof guys. This will allow you to select the applications that you want to install and once you have made the selection you can download the unattended installer.

Well, to be frank with you I really do not see the need for this unless you don’t know how to add repositories or install simple stuff. Most of this (no, actually all of this except dropbox in my Fedora setup with the repositories that I have set). Now for one application why would I do that if that was available for Fedora. Any-ways pretty good for newbies, still.

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A Five-Way Linux Distribution Comparison In 2010

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A five way linux comparison.

A very good comparison of the most common and famous distributions of Linux. Very comprehensive and detailed. Love this guy.


l-exp listrs – A new look at linux blogs and sites



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A new way to look at blog\’s and site\’s.

Best linux blogs and sites