PHP Image gallery with fancybox.

So, I was looking for some quick to setup PHP Image gallery file. I found couple but none of them suited my needs too well. So I had to write my own.

Very simple PHP script to show all the images under ‘images’ folder.

Shows some details in the images.


That is all that I wanted and that is all that this script does. So pretty simple single php file. Dependency is on fancybox so you will need the jquery and all but nothing else is required.

Search CVE – web interface with php

So, last few weeks have been very busy with lot of security issues, so I thought of having a local CVE Search app. But all I could find on google and were on python and nothing that I could use quickly. So here is link to one that I wrote quickly:

CVE Search PHP


It’s in php. So just download in some folder and access from a web-server and you are done.

gollage – create simple collage with ease.

Find the project here. Download the tar ball and install it. Description of the application is:

GTK+ collage, in short gollage, is a program to generate photo collages with a Polaroid photo frame. The photos will be place on the final image in randomly order. You can specify the degrees, the size of the photos and the final background of the image.

It is a very simple to use GUI application. First you need to select the pictures for the collage.


Once done with this, simply go to the settings window and specify the settings for your collage. You would need to specify the size of the final image, spreading of photos and maximum angle for rotation. Be careful in specifying the size of the collage as the images are not resized for the collage. So, if you want to resize the images do so, before selecting the images.


Now, press render to get the image


You can re-render by pressing \”recompute alignment\” or save the file with save as in the preview window.