Installing Full Blin g theme on N900

I was going through the post :
and found the theme quite intruging but not complete to the point where I can download the deb file and install it in /usr/share/theme/ dir with simple commands “apt-get” or at max just use mkdir command to create the dir and dump everything in that dir. So, I wrote this couple of bash one liners to copy the required files to my N900.

for i in place*; do mv "$i" ${i//place these files in /}; done
for i in Place*; do mv "$i" ${i//Place these files in /}; done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/}; echo $i $j; done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/}; echo $i $j; mkdir Bkup_$i; scp -r root@$j/* Bkup_$i/ ;done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/};scp -r $i/* root@$j/  ;echo "Done with $i"; done
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GPG error on N900 when doing update on command line

Nokia N900 communicator/internet tablet
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If you have added some extra repositories to your Nokia N900 and are trying to do something ( like update, install or any other apt-get operation) you might see some errors or warnings related to the GPG keys. The errors would come because the Public keys for the reporisitories are not present in the gpg database 🙂

Cool, now you know the reason, but what to do…  Add them as below:

(Before doing this note down the keys when you are getting the errors/warnings. We will need those keys to get the public keys from the public server. I am taking “010908312D230C5F” as an example here.)

gpg --keyserver --recv-key  010908312D230C5F gpg -a --export 010908312D230C5F | sudo apt-key add -

and if you need to see the currently active repositories then you can
open the following file and check the contents:

vim /etc/apt/sources.list.d/hildon-application-manager.list
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