Gmail Videochat Comes to Linux

?Gmail Videochat Comes to Linux
\”The long wait is over and Linux users can finally use the Gmail
Videochat! The GMail team recently announced the availability of voice
and video chat on Linux. This feature is currently supported on Ubuntu
and other Debian-based Linux distributions. RPM Support for Fedora Linux
and other Red Hat based distributions (like CentOS) is going to be added
soon.\” Some screenshots of GMail Video Chat on Linux in action



Blog once and educate 40,000 underprivileged children of India

Here\’s one of the mail that I received from the IndiBlogger team.

Dear Amit Agarwal,

Here is a unique opportunity to reach out and impact thousands of lives through your blog. Yes, sitting at your desk and writing a blog post can help educate 40,000 young Indians all over our country!

One of India’s most trusted and credible NGOs, GiveIndia is taking part in a competition on Facebook to win a US$1 million grant. The winner will be the NGO that gets the highest number of votes from Facebook users. The prize of $1 million will help put or keep 40,000 children across India in school for one year!

Imagine the IndiBlogger community coming together to spread the word and help the underprivileged children of India. The impact would be tremendous and together, IndiBloggers and GiveIndia would be able to gather the votes we need to win.

Voting in the competition is for one week only, from Friday, January 15 – Friday, January 22, 2010. Can we make a difference in the next 5 days? We sure hope so!

The link for voting, where you can also see more details of the competition is

There’s been lots of talk about how social media can bring change and make an impact on the world we live in. Well, here is one tangible way for us to take a small action that could have a HUGE outcome.

In case you have more questions about this, please write to and a GiveIndia team member would be happy to reply.

The IndiBlogger Team & The GiveIndia Team


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