Bash styling(themeing), the stylist way.

For last couple of days, I have been looking for solutions to make stlying my bash easier. So, first a screenshot of the effort:


I was looking for the simplest solutions to do this. So, I installed two packages to make my life easier :  bashstyle and fortune.

sudo yum install fortune\\*

For bash-style you can download the source files here. Download the file, then do the following:

tar xvfz <filename>
cd <directory created>

su -c “make install” [ or ] sudo make install

So once all these are installed, we need to make a little correction with the bashstyle. The bash-completion in bashstyle is old and hence does not work well until some changes are done. Run the below command to correct the bash completion:

sudo mv /usr/share/bashstyle-ng/system/misc/completion-rc /usr/share/bashstyle-ng/system/misc/completion-rc.bak

sudo ln -s /etc/bash_completion /usr/share/bashstyle-ng/system/misc/completion-rc

This will fix the problem with the bash completion created by the bashstyle. Now, we will make the changes. Open up .bashrc and add fortune in the end of the file.

Run bashstyle now to style your bash. The GUI for the styling does not look so good but the functionality is quite impressive. So happy styling.

View the newest xkcd comic.

This function displays the latest comic from One of the best things about xkcd is the title text when you hover over the comic, so this function also displays that after you close the comic.

$ xkcd(){ local f=$(curl -s;display $(echo \"$f\"|grep -Po \'(?<=\")[^\"]+(png|jpg)\');echo \"$f\"|awk \'/<img src=\"*?\" title=.*/{gsub(/^.*title=.|\".*?$/,\"\");print}\';}

To get a random xkcd comic, I also use the following:

xkcdrandom(){ local f=$(wget -q -O -);display $(echo \"$f\"|grep -Po \'(?<=\")[^\"]+(png|jpg)\');echo \"$f\"|awk \'/<img src=\"*?\" title=.*/{gsub(/^.*title=.|\".*?$/,\"\");print}\';}


by David Winterbottom (




Twitter is overcapacity.

Just now got this on twitter. Nice image to display when overcapacity.