Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi

Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi If you thought hijacking a user’s social media session was only done by skilled hackers, now the Firesheep addon can allow even the truly clueless to become an Internet griefer.


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Periodically download and use as wallpaper from Flickr in Fedora using Webilder.

Ever wanted to have wallpaper downloaded from Flickr directly using the tags and then apply them as wallpaper, then the way to go is download Webilder here. Just do the regular stuff to install the same.

tar xvfz <filename>

cd <to the directory created>



sudo make install

And then right click on the gnome panel and add the widget. Configure the tags to download and the duration to change the wallpaper and enjoy.

fotowall – create cool looking wallpapers (collage) on Linux

Image by raj77_in via Flickr

Description of the software:

FotoWall is a creative tool that allows you to layout your photos or pictures in a personal way. You can add pictures, then resize, move, change colors, text, shadows, etc..


Lets start by starting the application. Select the application from the menu or start with terminal with the command \”fotowall\”.

The application is fairly straight forward with featured aimed towards making a simple and beautiful collage so do not expect too many features. It is also very easy to use and intutive. So lets start with \”start\”.


Once you have decided to create a new wallpaper, start adding your photographs to it. Don\’t worry about the size and place yet. You can resize the pictures by dragging them from their corners and similarly rotate at the same time. The same way you can drag the photo from the center and move the image.

\"Fotowall \"Fotowall

If you want some more changes to the photo, just right click on the photo and you can see a window pop up with some options to modify certain features of the photo like opacity and few others.


You can add test to you photos too with some good looks. 🙂 but not too many 🙁


And if all this is not sufficient you can search google images or Flickr to look for some photos and add them to your wallpaper.


Hope this helps you get a wallpaper that you like 😉