sunflower – file manager.

Sunflower file manager is a new file manager that has couple of interesting features, that I liked, not that I use graphical file managers much.

It has a in-built command line, terminal and other interesting features, so what are you waiting for just head over and download and install :

rpm -ivh

Or head over to their downloads page at :

There is still no home-page and might come soon.


Fedora Linux

Recovering Deleted Files With lsof

Quick update, found this nice article on how to recover deleted file, if its still open by some process.
Recovering Deleted Files With lsof

Fedora Linux

Check file usage using fuser

There is a package called psmisc that provides a useful application fuser. The package provides the below (on fedora):


There are couple of options you can provide on the terminal to fuser. The main purpose of the binary is to check the process id of the process using the file. This can be useful if some file operation on a file is blocking something for you 🙂

Here is the command :

/sbin/fuser -v -m /

You can look at the other options that fuser supports with

/sbin/fuser -h