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Here you can find the cream editor. This is basically vim editor with lots of customizations thus making it simpler for the users to use the editor directly.

This version already has the bash and perl support plugins and thus you can start using them as IDE without the need to add any plugins. It has a simple and advanced mode. In the simple mode you need not worry about all the modes of the vi/vim editor. How cool is that 🙂

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Backup of files in the directory.

I was working on some scripts and the changes that I was making in the scripts was very dynamic, which I did want to keep backing up in the version control system. But for the peace of my mind, I wanted to keep a copy of the scripts, whenever it was in working state.

Since I had multiple files, so it would make more sense to have a script that could copy all the files in the current directory to “old” directory without over-writing the existing files. So, I wrote a script that would postfix the files with a number. With this approach, finally what I had was the following:

#!/bin/bash -
#          FILE:
#         USAGE:  ./
#   DESCRIPTION:  Backup all the current files.
#       OPTIONS:  ---
#          BUGS:  ---
#         NOTES:  ---
#        AUTHOR: Amit Agarwal (aka),
#       COMPANY:
#       CREATED: 08/19/2011 02:43:32 PM IST
#      REVISION:  ---

count=$(cat old/count)
if [[ ! -f old/count ]]
  count=$(ls -1 old |sed 's/.*\.//'|grep -vi "[a-z]"|sort|tail -1)
echo $count >old/count
[[ ! -d old ]] && mkdir old
for i in *
	[[ -f $i ]] && cp $i old/${i%%.*}.$count
echo "Backed up to $count"
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what is vim in 6Kb..

If you thought that vim is very bloated and nothing abuot this editor can be small, then you are not alone. I was myself in the same bandwagon.


Well, I never thought that there could be anything about vim that can be explained in Kb’s, lest alone the complete vim features. But looks like had thought about this and thus came up with this. And here is the direct link to the vim in 6kb in English.

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