ncurses based eFTE editor – programmers lightweight editor

nefte is a lightweight programmers editor. Here is descriptioin:


Description : eFTE is an advanced programmers editor with goals of being lightweight, yet
            : totally configurable. Support for user defined programming languages, menu
            : systems and key bindings are provided with many common defaults already
            : defined. eFTE is still a new project, however, we extend from the FTE editor
            : which was first released in 1995, so eFTE is tried and true with many features
            : for the programmer/text editor.
            : This package contains nefte, the ncurses version of the editor.

And to install:

sudo yum install nefte


There are lot of features taht you can explore and use.
It is quite lightweight programmers editor.

eclim for Fedora – Leonidas – installation.

Here is the installation instruction for Eclim for vim. I have not tried it as I did not require it, but if you need it.

sudo ant -Declipse.home=/usr/lib/eclipse -Dvim.files=/home/amitag/.vim -Dplugins=cdt

create ctgs using

ctags -R /usr/include/