Ubuntu – Really force remove a package.

I was trying to remove a package on one of the Ubuntu installations the other day and was not able to do so. I tried google and tried all the options mentioned in various forums like “-f”, purge, reinstall and few others but nothing helped. I kept getting some errors about some files being already deleted. I also tried “set -e” in the prompt but the only result I got was terminal also getting killed.

Finally I found the only thing that could work for me was to go to directory “/var/lib/dkpg/info”and then delete all files that started with the name of the package. Hope this helps someone.

Ubuntu-Desktop (Photo credit: Kevin Byrom)
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cd across parallel directories

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Here is a simple and fast way to cd across parallel directory.

cd ${PWD/test/actual}
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Speed up mkat with no md5sum for the files.

mkat details:

mkat is a set of command line tools to burn, catalog data CD/DVD, audio CDs and then search the catalog database, e.g. check whether you have a certain file or audio CD in your collection. Tags can be used to categorize CDs, e.g. comedy, drama, etc. Audio CD support is very rudimentary though.

I use this program to catalogue my DVD\’s and CD\’s but the issue with that is that it is un-necessarily slow in doing the cataloguing. It does a md5sum for all the files which is of not much use to me. How to overcome this. Create a file called md5sum and change the permissions to executable. Just put something like

echo \”File\”

and put the path of this file in the PATH variable in the begining and you are done.