Shape Collage – Simple software to create collage with a java application.

Download from here.

Very useful utility to create collage in variety of ways. Here are some screenshots to give you a idea of how this works.





If you want to have your own shape you can click more and the draw the shape and then you can proceed normally and see you photo.

Example collage :


Use GIMP to create awesome looking collage in minutes

Here is an example to begin with:

I will make another collage as an example with screenshots to take you through the process.

First decide on the size of the collage. I will take 8×12 inches as example. Now, decide on what kind of collage you want. If you want similar to one above then we would need some similar photos to go in the background otherwise you can use some brush strokes as the background image. Now fire up gimp and select new image and enter the properties:


Select the size appropriately. Now open the images for the background one by one and do the following:

If needed, first crop the image and enhance the same.


Now scale the image so that the all the images that you plan to put fills up the background completely. Here I scaled to 4×3 incehes.


Once done, just copy the image and paste in the new image that you had created. Paste it as new layer so that you can make modifications to this specific image.


Do the same with all the other images :


Now, we will add more images on top of these, so again open any image and then crop scale and copy the image. Once you have pasted the image as new layer, go to rotate selection and rotate the image as desired or resize as desired.


Once you have done copying all the files, if you need to modify any of the existing ones in the collage, just select the layer containing the image and you can modify just that image:


And lastly dont forget to play with the eraser tool to get some nice effects.


Happy Collaging 🙂

gollage – create simple collage with ease.

Find the project here. Download the tar ball and install it. Description of the application is:

GTK+ collage, in short gollage, is a program to generate photo collages with a Polaroid photo frame. The photos will be place on the final image in randomly order. You can specify the degrees, the size of the photos and the final background of the image.

It is a very simple to use GUI application. First you need to select the pictures for the collage.


Once done with this, simply go to the settings window and specify the settings for your collage. You would need to specify the size of the final image, spreading of photos and maximum angle for rotation. Be careful in specifying the size of the collage as the images are not resized for the collage. So, if you want to resize the images do so, before selecting the images.


Now, press render to get the image


You can re-render by pressing \”recompute alignment\” or save the file with save as in the preview window.