chfn – Change finger information

Finger is a nifty nice utility to get the information on the user. A sample output of the command is as below:

-0-(ak) ~ > finger ak
Login: ak                     Name: Amit Agarwal
Directory: /home/amitag                 Shell: /bin/bash
Office: MGL
On since Sun Oct 19 13:50 (IST) on tty7 from :0
On since Sun Oct 19 13:50 (IST) on pts/0 from :0.0
No mail.
No Plan.
All this information can be changed with the command chfn. No hassles, just type in the command it does the rest, asking you for the information whatever required. You can also specify the details in the command itself with the below mentioned parmateres:

Usage: chfn [ -f full-name ] [ -o office ] [ -p office-phone ]
[ -h home-phone ] [ –help ] [ –version ]

Change information for the user on Linux machine.

Today I have couple of hours to spare and thus thought might as well spend it on my blog. The finger command in *nix systems is used to display the information on the users. This information is taken from the /etc/passwd file. You can use the chfn command to change the information. Man page for chfn.