A Unix/Linux cheatsheet complete in most respects.

Find here. This is a very nice tutorial all in one page and browsable.

It covers :

1.   System
2.   Processes
3.   File System
4.   Network
5.   SSH SCP
6.   VPN with SSH
7.   RSYNC
8.   SUDO
9.   Encrypt Files
10.   Encrypt Partitions
11.   SSL Certificates
12.   CVS
13.   SVN
14.   Useful Commands
15.   Install Software
16.   Convert Media
17.   Printing
18.   Databases
19.   Disk Quota
20.   Shells
21.   Scripting
22.   Programming
23.   Online Help

It is quite comprehensive and very handy to keep near you. Happy reading 🙂

Vi/VIM and Unix/Linux cheatsheets.

I found quite a lot of good information today morning.

Some really good info on vi/vim. I liked the this one:\”Also, you don\’t have to use the / command as a separator. Anything typed after s will become the separator\”


Some of the best collection of vi/vim tips: (though a lot of them do not have explanations)


Top 10 Best Cheat Sheets and Tutorials for Linux / UNIX Commands