terminal.sexy for URxvt

Sometime back I posted about terminal.sexy – make your teminal sexy. I personally use URxvt terminal and hence need the xrdb files to apply the theme. It’s pain to go to the website everytime I want to change my theme and hence I wrote a python script that can use the github repo and convert the files to xrdb files. Here is the link to the script:
terminal.sexy script for xrdb

using mypaint on Linux

Here is description of mypaint.

Mypaint is a fast and easy/simple painter app focused on the painter, so you can only focus on the art and not the program itself. Currently MyPaint does not have a layer system, also mypaint is using pygtk with C extensions.

One of the interesting feature is that the width of the brush increse\’s with the speed of the stroke.

My personal experience with the application was that the appllication does not have too many functionalities but is really very easy to use. Just select the brush and use it after invoking it. Here are some examples of the kind of effects that you can see with mypaint.

On the right hand side is the toolbar for selecting the brush and the effect is displayed with the brush selected. Quite simple to use.

Initial window:

Other screenshots:


\"text \"Simply \"Random

Watch out for some more screen-shots in coming days.

using mypaint of linux continued.

Some more screenshots here:


\"Screenshot-6\" \"Screenshot-8\" \"Screenshot-7\" \"Screenshot-9\"