mv command with progress

When moving large files/directories, I would like to see the progress.

Idea for this is to use rsync with progress and remove source files. But that option does not remove the empty directories left behind so find command to delete that.

So, here is function for that:

mv-progress () 
    rsync -ah --progress --remove-source-files "$1" "$2";
    find "$1" -empty -delete

Disk usage by file type

Trying to find the total usage for each of the file types by extension, then here is a quick bash function for you :

disk_usage_type () 
    find . -name '*'$1 -ls | awk '
    {sum+=$7; files++;}
    print "Total sum is ::\t" sum;
    print "Total files  ::\t" files;
        while (sum > 1024) {
        print sum" "a[count];

Just define the function in one of your bash startup files. After that to use the function pass in the extension for which you would like to find the total size. Output should be something like below:

Total sum is ::    2586694320
Total files  ::    149
2.40905 GB


nice little bash function to search for running processes

Here is a nice little handy function that I use very regurlarly.

You can use this function with parameter to just grep for that or just type psa to see all the running processes.

Just put this in your .bashrc file.

You might find it useful:


psa () 
    if [[ $1 == "" ]]; then
        ps -eaf;
        ps -eaf | grep --color=auto -i $1;