NIce backgrounds with Fedora with Yearly calnedar

Here is something that you can try

sudo yum install yearcalendar-backgrounds

This will install 3 wallpapers with yearly calendars. There is no interesting background in the calendar but then you get the clarity since there is no background. The calendars are quite nice by the way.

Add a image to the list of background files in gnome

In Gnome, when you right click on the desktop background you will get a menu for \”Change Desktop backgound. The images displayed in this menu are quite a few but if you want to add your own (read: more than some 5-6 files) then it takes really some time in using the GUI to add them. And if you want to add a few 10\’s of file, like say 50 then you are done.

So I wrote a simple script to add the images to the menu from command line. This was a quick script so no checks done, use at your own risk and after taking backup of related files 🙂

#Remove the last line from the file.

sed -n \’$!p\’ ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml > /tmp/outfile
mv /tmp/outfile ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml

#Start adding the wallpaper
echo \”<wallpaper deleted=\”false\”>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”    <name>$1</name>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”    <filename>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”`pwd`/$1\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”</filename>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”    <options>zoom</options>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”    <shade_type>solid</shade_type>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”    <pcolor>#76848F</pcolor>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo \”    <scolor>#142C3D</scolor>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml

echo \”    </wallpaper>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml

#Add the last line again
echo \”</wallpapers>\” >> ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml