Linux>1% Campaign. Prove that we are more than 1% !

Linux>1% Campaign. Prove that we are more than 1% !

At they are running a campaign to make every owner of computers running Linux register. The aim is to prove that the general assumption, that only 1 % of all computers run Linux is wrong. Everyone is needed if this effort is going to succeed.

The page can also be displayed in Spanish and French

I voted for my distro Fedora, hope you do the same for your linux distribution and prove that Linux does run on high number of desktop.

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Head over to and you will find a nice utility created by the makeuseof guys. This will allow you to select the applications that you want to install and once you have made the selection you can download the unattended installer.

Well, to be frank with you I really do not see the need for this unless you don’t know how to add repositories or install simple stuff. Most of this (no, actually all of this except dropbox in my Fedora setup with the repositories that I have set). Now for one application why would I do that if that was available for Fedora. Any-ways pretty good for newbies, still.

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Linux is just too open

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The Problem with Linux is that it is forthright, open and honest. Now I know how much the editors here hate when I anthropomorphize an operating system, but it is fundamentally true.

Linux, in my view, remains almost too honest and too open.

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