Transfer all the google feed URLs to rss2email.

Next step in restoring my settings was to get the working rules and all the blogs into rss2email. I have subscribed to more than 150 blogs. So, adding all of them manually was difficult.

For a time like this, I subscribe to all the blogs using google reader and then add them to rss2email. So I had quickly exported the google feeds list and then had to find a way to extract the URLs for the blog to the rss2email. The command to add a url is r2e add, so I wrote this one line just now to do the task for me.

Hope it helps someone:

for i in $(cat google-reader-subscriptions.xml |grep xmlUrl|sed -e \’s@.*xmlUrl=\”\\(.*\\) .*@\\1@\’|sed -e \’s/\”//\’); do r2e add $i; done

Now all I needed to do was to setup procmail again to deliver the messages to my homedir. I already have posted article on procmailrc so that was simple. So all done. Hope this helps someone.

Linux Contractor Fired for Using Firefox/Linux

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This is a complicated story but one that must be told. I\’m not sure there is anything that can be done about it except rage at the moon…

But it needs to be told none the less.

Did I mention it gets complicated? It does, but it does so for a reason. Let\’s introduce the starting lineup.

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l-exp listrs – A new look at linux blogs and sites



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A new way to look at blog\’s and site\’s.

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