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Its been quite some time that people started saying that this is the year of linux, and Linux (like in the Turtle and Hare story) has been growing steadily. There are advocates and critics for the Linux. I sometime think what are the advocates or critics thinking when they are commenting. But let me not get into that. There are circumstances where you would have to stick with windows wheather you like it or not and similar is the case with Linux in this corporate world. Anyway, here is the link to the advertisements:

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Linux:Please Don\’t Show the Command Line to the Uninitiated (via postie)

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Not long ago I had the opportunity to show off GNU/Linux to a friend. She\’s been a lifelong Windows users and is just your average, non-technical computer user. She\’d heard of this thing called "Linux," but had never seen a Linux distro in use. So, I gladly booted up my laptop and also the desktop (we were at my house, my wife and I having one of our many cookouts) and showed her Linux Mint 7 via a live CD and also Ubuntu 8.10, which is installed on my family\’s desktop.

Everything was going fine as I showed her the office software and some games. It was when I went to show her selective screenshot that I erred. I opened the command line on the desktop and quickly set it up to take the shot. I could see my friend visibly shrink back as she shook her head and started to say she couldn\’t work with something like that. I honestly don\’t know what I was thinking. I guess I wasn\’t thinking, and that was the problem.

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