Free Gift on Valentine\’s Day.

I am giving free gift to my viewers on V\’Day. All the users registered on my  shop, can leave a comment in the post to get a free gift of their choice from my shop. You can leave the product id in the comments and checkout the product in the shop and I will make the product free for you. This is only for next 36 hours and only one product per user.

Unix Flavors

List of unix flavors, though I am not sure if Linux can be considered as flavor of Unix 🙂

New talking virus — Computer Virus with Human Voice

Last couple of days, I have been very busy but not too busy to note that KDE is available for windows and that there is a new Windows virus that can talk in human voice. Find the article here. Where is the world going with viruse\’s. Dear BotVoice.A, I will miss you for being on Linux.