bing versus google

I have been hearing a lot about the bing versus google search engine but the question is which is good.  Can\’t be sure, bing is good is some results and google is good in others. You too are confused then use this addon on firefox. This is a nice addon which splits the firefox screen and then displays the result side by side. Here\’s how it looks , great.


Happy Searching

3/10 results in first page of bing for my site for search term \”amit agarwal\”.

I was not planning on writing another blog on bing. But then bing lists my website 3/10 so  here is the link to the search. Worth braggin when there is Amit Agarwal from labnol.

Diary and Journal on your linux Desktop

RedNotebook is a diary and journel for the *nix OS. This is a great software with some very good features.

This is available on fedora repo and hence to install you can just type:

sudo yum install rednotebook

Some features to note are:

  • Enter text for individual days and navigate using a fancy calendar
  • Add Categories to days and fill them with small content
  • Tag your entries
  • Format your text bold, italic or underlined
  • Insert Images, files and links to websites
  • Links and mail addresses are recognized automatically
  • (Live-) Search
  • Automatic saving
  • Backup to zip archive
  • Word Clouds with most often used words and tags
  • Create a template for each day
  • Export the journal to HTML, Latex or plain text
  • RedNotebook is Open Source Software, you are free to use and redistribute it under the terms of the GPL