No sound on Fedora 11 Leonidas – resolved.

I have been trying to get the sound working on the F11 install that I had. Searched all the sites and blogs I could find. Nothing seemed to be working.

Finally I did a

alsactl init

and WOW, I have got my sound. Worht a try if you too are having issues with sound.

Access the disk image created by Qemu using guestfish in Fedora.

If you are used to using Qemu for doing some experiments with different distro\’s then you would also understand the problem of having to do ftp/ssh to copy the files from virtual machine to local machine. Also you have to run the machine to do that. How would you like to have a application that can help you copy the files to and from theĀ  image without having to run the VM. That\’s exactly what the guestfish does. How to do it, quick demo here:

sudo yum install guestfish

Now once installed you can run guestfish by typing guestfish. Extensive help is available with help command so I am just giving pointers here to get you started:

First add the drive image with

add-drive <image name>

Start a qemu sub-process inside guestfish


Now mount the drive using

mount /dev/sda1 /

you can list the devices using


Now you can use upload, download, ls, mkdir, cat et. al. See help for more details.

Linux xdg-open — replacement for start in windows

if you want to open any document with the default document handler from the bash prompt or command prompt in linux then the simplest way to do that is use \”xdg-open\”.

This can also be used in bash scripts to allow users to select which document to open without worrying about if a particular application is installed or not. Example could be where you have list of documents in the current directory (same kind or of different format.) and you want the user to select the document. In such a scenario you can take the user input for the filename and user \”xdg-open filename\” to open the file irrespective of the file type or worrying about if xpdf is installed or abiword is installed or not.