Script to generate a html file with link to all files in directory

ls -1 |awk -F\”.\” \'{print  \”<p><a href=\”\”,$_,\”\”> \”,$2,\”.\”,$3,\” </a></p>\” ;}\’ > index1.html

And if you want to do it recursively

ls -1R |awk -F\”.\” \'{print  \”<p><a href=\”\”,$_,\”\”> \”,$2,\”.\”,$3,\” </a></p>\” ;}\’ > index1.html

Database of vulnurability at – udpate and makeindex with cron.

I am quite regular visitor of milw0rm and generally try to keep up with the vul\’s. For doing this I wrote a small scripts rather set of scripts to keep myself update.  Here\’s what we are going to do:

1. Get the latest tar from the site.

2. Extract it.

3. Make the index

4. Have a shortcut to search the index.

Download the attached files for the first 2 points. makeindex-milw0rm and udpate-milw0rm

Now open the update-milw0rm file with the directory paths, that is located in the starting of the file.

Once that is done, do the following on the terminal,

crontab -e

Add a entry like this:

@daily /home/amit/

So you are all set to automatically download and update the data everyday. Lets now create a alias to search the exploitlist from the terminal.

Put the following in your profile :

alias search_sploit=\”cat $(cat ~/bin/|grep dir=|awk -F\’=\’ \'{print $2}\’|awk -F\’\”\’ \'{print $2}\’)/milw0rm/sploitlist.txt|grep -i\”

Now, when you want to search the database for the exploit you can simply type:

search_sploit <search term>

bash tutorial for begineer and experienced.

I having been looking for something like this for sometime. Found this while searching.

A very good thing about this tutorial is its comprehensiveness and the details. A lot of examples are gives which too are quite useful.