Seven Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring a Freelance AngularJS Specialist


Hiring a freelancer for Angular jobs can be a scary undertaking, especially when filling a hole in your team’s existing skill set. Whether you’re hiring a freelancer to take ownership of an existing …

A Guide to Process-oriented Programming in Elixir and OTP


People like to categorize programming languages into paradigms. There are object-oriented (OO) languages, imperative languages, functional languages, etc. This can be helpful in figuring out which …

Eight CSS Tips for Advanced Layouts and Effects


The realm of web front-end development has made considerable progress over the last few years. However, the web front-end, as the users see it, is still the same: HTML markup styled with CSS. Many …

Eight Rules for Effective Software Production


During the course of my career, I’ve participated in multiple real life software projects and observed how things are done on all levels: decision making, practices adoption, team building, …

Getting Started with Elixir Programming Language


If you have been reading blog posts, hacker news threads, your favorite developers tweets or listening to podcasts, at this point you’ve probably heard about the Elixir programming language. The …

Celebrating 25 Years of Linux Kernel Development


Linux is now 25 years old, but it’s no hipster. It’s not chasing around Pokemon, and it’s not moving back in with its parents due to crippling student debt. In fact, Linux is still growing and …

Linux Best Practices and Tips


Linux is powerful, flexible, and can be adapted to a broad range of uses. While best practices for administrating Linux servers are not hard to find due the popularity of the operating system, there …

Separation Anxiety: A Tutorial for Isolating Your System with Linux Namespaces


With the advent of tools like Docker, Linux Containers, and others, it has become super easy to isolate Linux processes into their own little system environments. This makes it possible to run a whole …

5 Apps You need to Have in Your Phone While Touring India


 5 Apps You need to Have in Your Phone While Touring India […] Photo by nedim chaabene, CC BY 2.0 The touches of technology can make everything smooth and travel is no exception. The …

Tips showing client media reel.


Here is link to a nice article from wiredrive on […] This article indeed has some good points to make your presentations useful.

Movie Review (by Prashant Prahlad Abkari) – Stanley ka Dabba


 You wake up to some noise.. popping up of sesame seeds….u avoid it ..Daily routine they are.. Lethargically you start preparing by stuffing the books, separating them as either 100/200 pages or …

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