ranger – try terminal file manager


ranger is a terminal file manager, just install and run and have some fun. Tip: You might want to try it on uxrvt terminal and in Photos folder once.

glances – new way to look at contention


glances is like top/htop but little different. It shows you sort based on contention (smartly and automatically) unless you change that and hence if you just want to check what is biggest bottleneck …

vagrant box to libvirtd (QEMU) VM


Like ova images, you can use box images as well with Qemu. After all, both have the disk images, so here is the script to do that. Just put the script somewhere in your path and run with ova or box …

Send history of current host to some other host over ssh


Sometimes I want to save the history of current host on another host. This is to ensure that I can use copy/paste on other host to run the commands. To this, I found a simple solution – history| ssh …

asciinema – video for your terminal session


Info about asciinema: […] To install, you can do: dnf install asciinema and here is and example: Asciinema test video Hope you find it useful if you have to show someone how to do something. …

remind – set and manager reminders the easy way


remind – is a calendar and alarm program. Its simple to use from CLI. To install: dnf install remind and some details about it:

Fedora – change from one edition to some other


You will need to install convert-to-edition, description […] Name : convert-to-edition Arch : noarch Epoch : 0 Version : 25 Release : 1 Size : 9.7 k Repo : fedora Summary : Script for …

flatpak – get latest libreoffice


flatpak is tool similar to 0install. You can find more details here.

systemd – start service when you enable it


More often than not for any service, I end up doing : systemctl enable <service> systemctl start <service> But there is shorcut to this. In systemctl command when you enable the service, …

Kernel dropped packet analysis


Found a simple method to check for all the packets dropped by kernel. First you need to install dropwatch with dnf install dropwatch and details of the package […] Once that is done, you will …

journalctl command to see kernel messages


Sometimes, there are just too many messages in journalctl output and it becomes a mystery game to search for the messages you are looking for. But luckily you do not need to use grep to find the right …

ansible with docker dynamic inventory


So, I have a few dockers. Every now and then I want to run some command on all of them. Doing ‘docker exec’ is tiresome. I found this neat solution with ansible that I thought I should share with you. …

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