2022-03-06 1 min read Learning bash Fedora SSH
mussh allows you to run command/commands on multiple hosts at the same time. If you have farm of server setup with passwordless ssh or with same password (which is generally the case), then using mussh you can either check all the servers for some output or fix something or maybe update all the packages. How cool is that :) Here is description of this package from dnf repo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Name : mussh Version : 1. Continue reading

virt-install with cloud-init

2022-02-09 2 min read Learning bash Virtualization Qemu libvirtd
If you have not heard about cloud-init then you should definately search for it and learn about cloud-config as well. You can find the documentation for cloud-config here. It is used for configuring VMs when running in cloud environments. Specially useful to inject the ssh keys or set the root password but you can do anything in the cloud-config as there is a section where you can run bash commands. While this is useful for cloud instances, you can make use of this feature when running your vm with qemu or libvirtd. Continue reading

Stay safe from phising

2022-02-05 2 min read Learning bash phising
Generally when you get a phising mail, the biggest challenge is finding if the site is genuine or not. And URL shortening services do not make it any easy. Earlier I had posted about using curl to expand the url in this post. However you might not be on a Linux terminal all the time (for example - you are checking something on your mobile), in that case what do you do? Continue reading

Curl to exapnd short url

2022-01-09 1 min read Learning bash
Many times I receive short urls in mail and other places like chats and messages. I first like to see the destination before I click on the url. I was looking for some way to do this in bash. I realized that this could be very simply done by looking at the Location header in the response from curl. Example 1 curl -I|grep location and the output should be something like Continue reading

Sleep infinitely in bash

2021-12-19 1 min read Learning bash
I am sure that you would have got a lot of instances where you have wanted to sleep for infinity and ended up doing this 1 2 3 4 while [[ 1 ]] do sleep 3600 done or some other such similar loop to sleep for some time and wrap it in infinite loop. I learned something new recently and found it very useful. You can do the above with Continue reading

Ignore case when completing file names in bash

2021-12-11 1 min read Learning bash
Sometimes you don’t want to have the bash completion work with case completion. There could be several reasons like one I dont like is the default xdg folders starting with capital letters. So, if you know that bash uses readline for a lot of configuration then there is a very easy solution, you can just run this command and start a new bash shell :) 1 echo 'set completion-ignore-case on' >> ~/. Continue reading

Warn when battery is low

2020-08-30 2 min read Learning bash scripting
I am very lazy to look at battery status and want to be warned when the battery is low. This means that even if I am away from the laptop, I can be warned that laptop is about to poweroff due to battery low. So, what kind of alerts I can have, many - zenity message box email sms with twillio Telegram message and possibility is endless. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 LOW=35 ## This si the lowest percentage at which I want the alerts. Continue reading
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