Get disk usage for all the containers with python script

2017-01-16 1 min read Python

With my increasing love for python, here is my attempt to get the disk usage of all the containers on some host. Well, since the requirements vary for everyone, so this script is far from complete.

import docker
import json

# We will connect to for docker daemon. If that is not the case,
# then change the below.

client = docker.DockerClient(base_url="tcp://")

# Get list of all containers.

# And now we will iterate over that list to get stats for all the containers.
for val in cls:
    print (
    stats[] = val.stats(stream=False)
    # Get the disk usage for root and /tmp from containers with docker.exec
    stats[]['df-root'] = ( str(val.exec_run(r'df -kh --output="size,used,avail,pcent" /', stream=False).splitlines()[1]).replace("'","").split()[1:] )
    stats[]['df-tmp'] = ( str((val.exec_run(r'df -kh --output="size,used,avail,pcent" /tmp ', stream=False).splitlines()[1:]+[''])[0]).replace("'","").split()[1:] )

# Now if you want, we have dict of all the data and we can process the
# way we like it, for example create a html table for disk usage only.
print ('<table>')
for st in stats:
    print ('<tr>')
    print ("<td>Root-%s</td>"%(st))
    for i in stats[st]['df-root']:
        print ('<td>%s</td>'%(i) )
    print ('</tr>')
    print ('<tr>')
    print ("<td>tmp-%s</td>"%(st))
    for i in stats[st]['df-tmp']:
        print ('<td>%s</td>'%(i) )
    print ('</tr>')

print ('</table>')
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