Nice discussion on Control Panel ( free ) for VPS.


Enjoy the discussion and information if you are looking for free control panel for VPS or some other host.

repotrack and repoquery -commands to resolve dependencies.

To get all the depencies of a package, you can try:

repoquery -a --requires --resolve 

Example output:

and then to query in nice tree format, you can use :

 repoquery -a --tree-requires PACKAGE_NAME

And finally use that with repotrack:

repotrack -a x86_64 -p . $(repoquery --qf=%{name} -g --list --grouppkgs=all 'Office Suite and Productivity' |tr '\n' ' '

Now for the fun part, why use all the above when you can simply use:
yumdownloader --resolve 

So, if you have reached this line then you don't need repotrack/repoquery, simply use yumdownloader :)

PHP Image gallery with fancybox.

So, I was looking for some quick to setup PHP Image gallery file. I found couple but none of them suited my needs too well. So I had to write my own.

Very simple PHP script to show all the images under ‘images’ folder.

Shows some details in the images.


That is all that I wanted and that is all that this script does. So pretty simple single php file. Dependency is on fancybox so you will need the jquery and all but nothing else is required.