tlp – optimize and maximize your battery power.

If you are concerned about the battery life on your Linux laptop, then you should consider using tlp. tlp customizes your Linux distribution for maximum battery life and thus helps improving battery longevity when on Linux.


TLP brings you the benefits of advanced power management for Linux
without the need to understand every technical detail. TLP comes
with a default configuration already optimized for battery life.
Also an optional install of the smartmontools package enables hard
disk SMART data in tlp-stat (smartctl).

Installation on Fedora:

sudo yum install tlp

Once done, you should start it with

sudo tlp start
#Enable on reboot:
sudo systemctl enable tlp.service

and you are done.


If you want to see the current setting you can try ( note: it does show a lot of information, if you are interested)

sudo tlp stat

Backup – simple and intelligent

However much you stress on the importance of backupm people will forget about keeping it. So, if you do need a completely automated and simple backup then consider using “Back In Time“.


BackInTime is a simple backup system for Linux inspired from
“flyback project” and “TimeVault”. The backup is done by taking
snapshots of a specified set of directories.
This package contains the GNOME frontend of BackInTime.

For installation:

sudo yum install backintime-gnome