geary mail – gnome mail client

A new mail client is coming in town.

Gnome is working on new mail client called geary. Currently only supports imap accounts.


              Geary is a new email reader for GNOME designed to let you read your
email quickly and effortlessly. Its interface is based on
conversations, so you can easily read an entire discussion without
having to click from message to message. Geary is still in early
development and has limited features today, but we’re planning to add
drag-and-drop attachments, lightning-fast searching, multiple account
support and much more. Eventually we’d like Geary to have an
extensible plugin architecture so that developers will be able to add
all kinds of nifty features in a modular way.

So, do keep a watch on the client. The looks of the client are very nice and I liked the interface too much. Waiting for them to support more type of accounts and also support configuration of authentication types.


x2go – possible replacement to VNC

If you are accessing you Linux machine from VNC then you can try x2go.

Pretty straight forward installation, with packages available for both Ubuntu and Fedora and most other common distros as well. Just install, change one line ( visit the link above) and you are done. Neat, I must say.

Do try it when you feel the need to do something new.

unrar or unar – go open source way

Recently there was a utility released called unar, a open source replacement for unar.


The command-line utilities lsar and unar are capable of listing and extracting
files respectively in several formats including RARv3. unar can serve as a free
and open source replacement of unrar.

To install on fedora:

yum install unar

The utility provides 2 commands called lsar and unar, which can be used to list and extract rar archives.