Ubuntu hushlogin

In Ubuntu, if you do not like all the information that comes when you do a remote login, then you just need to do this:


touch ~/.hushlogin

duff – find duplicate files.

duff – description:


Description : Duff is a command-line utility for quickly finding d

AURA Console
AURA Console (Photo credit: jameswatts.solfenix)

uplicates in a
given set of files


and now time to execute :


find . -type f -print0|duff -e0|xargs -0


This will print a list of duplicate files. If you directly want to delete them then you can use them in a rm command directly like ::


rm $(find . -type f -print0|duff -e0)



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dnsmasq not starting from NetworkManager with SELinux enabled.

OpenWrt - Dnsmasq
OpenWrt – Dnsmasq (Photo credit: magicfab)


Some time back I posted on dnsmasq starting from Network Manager and how to setup dnsmasq.


Now, couple of days back , I setup dnsmasq in NetworkManager but was astonished to see that there was no dnsmasq running. I checked with dig and saw that there was no response from localhost for dns queries. Checked “ps -eaf|grep dns” and found that there was no dnsmasq running. I knew that once you mention “dns=dnsmasq” in the NetworkManager then it should start up but that was not happening. And then I checked audit log, found that some permissions were denied by SELinux.


First check if dnsmasq is indeed having issues because of SELinux:


grep -C 5 sealert /var/log/messages


If you do see something then time to fix it.


grep dnsmasq /var/log/audit/audit.log
audit2allow -M mypol && semodule -i mypol.pp
systemctl restart NetworkManager


And with this, you should be done, though you might have to repeat this multiple times.



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