Installing Bling Theme on N900

Nokia N900 communicator/internet tablet
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There is a very nice theme for N900 and it is called Bling theme. There is a problem though with the theme, the theme still does not have a installable .deb file, and thus the files need to be directly copied to “/usr/share/icons” and you have to manually do the mkdir and all such command in the terminal in a N900, which does not seem familiar to quite a lot of people using N900. So here, is for the benefit of  all, I am posting a script that can do the job. The one lines can be run from any bash script (Linus/Windows with cygwin/Mac or even N900). Though the one liners should be self explanatory, if you have a doubt, feel free to ping me.

Original Maemo thread is here… you can find the screenshots of the theme in the thread.

for i in place*; do mv "$i" ${i//place these files in /}; done
for i in Place*; do mv "$i" ${i//Place these files in /}; done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/}; echo $i $j; done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/}; echo $i $j; mkdir Bkup_$i; scp -r root@$j/* Bkup_$i/ ;done
for i in usr*; do j=${i//\./\/};scp -r $i/* root@$j/  ;echo "Done with $i"; done
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