Corruption, India and Social Activist

2011-06-04 2 min read Uncategorized

First off, sorry for being completely off beat this time but I could not help but write on this.

Everyone in the world by now would have definitely heard about the Indian’s Fight against corruption. Very good thing to do, there should be no corruption in any country in the world and if there is corruption then it should be fought. Now, lets look at how India is fighting this:

  1. Some people thought to get Lokpal bill and started a “Fast”.

  2. Some else felt the need to get the black money back, and started another fast. The fast was popularized more by the govt actions taken to stop this :). Amazing fast this is, BTW, if you did not know:

a) There is a FB page for this

b) Cameras are recording this, for what I don’t know

c) Most media coverage

d) Government is probably watching TV to monitor this than doing anything else today.

e) Thousands of Crore of Indians are not working as they are on “Satyagrah“.

Hope things will go as planned.

On a side note, isnt this the same person who is questioned again and again on the source of money and also where did the money come for all this arrangement in “some” maidan. Also, will the PM come to discuss with me the other Bills of Parliament if I went on Hunger Strike.

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